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Hi! We're Alli Sullivan & Sam Mills. We met in a pub the night before our first day of library school, and since then we've been through a lot together - classes, presentations, jobs, weddings, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns - all the while finding ourselves engrossed in wide-ranging conversations about television, film, books, technology, and what it means to be a young, nerdy, lady librarian in the twenty-first century. This podcast is our attempt to share our conversation with you - we hope you enjoy listening, and we hope you'll jump in and join us by sending in a question, comment, or topic for us to discuss on the show!

Episode Sixty-Three - "You know what I like to see blown up in movies? Gender roles."

This week...

Mind Grapes: Alli had one of those "buy a book" feelings and so picked up the Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang graphic novel In Real Life. We talk about the impulses we have to use art for messages or have art for art's sake. Sam gave up on The Paradise due to unfortunate love story interference, so instead we talk about Pixar's latest masterpiece Inside Out. The movie is simply beautiful, brilliant, and gives us (children and adults alike) a great new vocabulary around our emotions.

BiblioFiles: We did some real live (internet) research to talk about the idea of the Rockstar Librarian. What does it mean? What do they do? Why are we made so very uncomfortable by them? And what does it mean that so many Rockstar Librarians are male in a female dominated profession? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

In Real Life | Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang
Inside Out
"Core Beliefs: Kicking Your Ass Behind Your Back" by Wendy Hall
"Why the Key Character in Inside Out is the One Who Isn't There."
"Chart: How Inside Out's 5 emotions work together to make more feelings"

"How Did We Get Here? The Rise and Hopefully Fall of Rockstar Librarians" | BossLadyWrites
"Are Rockstar Librarians the Phil Fish of Libraries?" | Timothy A. Lepczyk for Eduhacker
"How to Never, Not Ever, Be a Rockstar Librarian" | PC Sweeney
"On Big Name Librarians" | Wayne Bivens-Tatum for Academic Librarian
"Rockstar Librarians" | Coral Sheldon-Hess
"Anatomy of a Rock Star Librarian" | The Annoyed Librarian for Library Journal
"Team Harpy FAQ" | Librarian in Black
Little Old Ladies and Rock Star Librarians: Genderizing the Librarian Stereotype | From the Carterette Series Webinars - Georgia Libraries Association

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