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Hi! We're Alli Sullivan & Sam Mills. We met in a pub the night before our first day of library school, and since then we've been through a lot together - classes, presentations, jobs, weddings, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns - all the while finding ourselves engrossed in wide-ranging conversations about television, film, books, technology, and what it means to be a young, nerdy, lady librarian in the twenty-first century. This podcast is our attempt to share our conversation with you - we hope you enjoy listening, and we hope you'll jump in and join us by sending in a question, comment, or topic for us to discuss on the show!

Episode Sixty-One - "It's cool, and you should come."

This week...

Mind Grapes: In a rapid fire Mind Grapes, Sam and Alli cover Philippa Gregory books (like The Constant Princess and The Other Boleyn Girl, the steam indie game Catlateral Damage, and Travis McElroy and Brent Black's (Brentalfloss) new podcast Trends Like These. We then engage in a lengthy discussion of the magnum opus that is Mad Max: Fury Road because it was awesome and beautiful and nothing hurt.

Where Do We Put This?: One of the major trends that we learned all about during library school was the Maker Space. What is it? What does it do? What is its utility? Alli was never totally convinced by the idea, but what if the maker space focuses on the creation of digital objects instead of simply physical ones? The Vancouver Public Library's new Inspiration Lab (not innovation lab, inspiration space, or innovation space) embodies the idea of a digital maker space. Sam has been working in the new space for the past month and tells us all about the space, its facilities, its programming, and its hopes and dreams.


The Constant Princess, The Other Boleyn Girl | Philippa Gregory
Catlateral Damage | Polygon Video Review of Catlateral Damage
Trends Like These
Mad Max: Fury Road | "The Editing of Mad Max: Fury Road" in VashiVisuals | "Mini Canon: Mad Max" by Lindsay Ellis | "Do you realize Mad Max: Fury Road is a miracle?" by Rob Bricken on i09
Vancouver Public Library - Inspiration Lab | NewsFriends Visits the Inspiration Station
John Roderick - Vote Roderick for Seattle City Council

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