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Hi! We're Alli Sullivan & Sam Mills. We met in a pub the night before our first day of library school, and since then we've been through a lot together - classes, presentations, jobs, weddings, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns - all the while finding ourselves engrossed in wide-ranging conversations about television, film, books, technology, and what it means to be a young, nerdy, lady librarian in the twenty-first century. This podcast is our attempt to share our conversation with you - we hope you enjoy listening, and we hope you'll jump in and join us by sending in a question, comment, or topic for us to discuss on the show!

Episode Forty-Two - "There wasn't a dry eye in the place..."

After a longer hiatus than usual, we're back with an ALA recap and some book recommendations for you all. DISCLAIMER: we know the audio is wonky on this one - the audio setup at our guest's end wasn't the best, and we also neglected to ask him to wear headphones to prevent echo. Unfortunately the reverb is in the raw recording, so there's nothing we can do this time - but we thought this was such a great conversation, we wanted to bring it to you anyway. Listen to it on low volume and it shouldn't be too intrusive!

Mind Grapes: Alli's jumped on the Divergent train; Jason's been rediscovering critical works on an old favourite, Lord Dunsany; Sam's been rooting for the girl supervillain in The Girl Who Would Be King.

Class Z(ed): Our good friend Jason Korff attended this year's American Library Association Conference in Las Vegas, which included appearances by Lois Lowry, Lemony Snicket, and even Stan Lee! He's here to talk to us about his experiences as a new librarian attending our largest professional gathering.


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