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Hi! We're Alli Sullivan & Sam Mills. We met in a pub the night before our first day of library school, and since then we've been through a lot together - classes, presentations, jobs, weddings, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns - all the while finding ourselves engrossed in wide-ranging conversations about television, film, books, technology, and what it means to be a young, nerdy, lady librarian in the twenty-first century. This podcast is our attempt to share our conversation with you - we hope you enjoy listening, and we hope you'll jump in and join us by sending in a question, comment, or topic for us to discuss on the show!

Episode Forty-Eight - "Even Lance Armstrong planned better than that!"

This week with very special first mate Mary Jinglewski...

Mind Grapes: A well rounded mind grapes today, we have a play in the form of Educating Rita, Mary's been watching the new show Jane the Virgin, and Sam has been catching some of the extensive backlog of CBC's Writers and Company.

Class Z(ed)/Where Do We Put This?: For the last few months, our first mate Mary has been acting as a Community Representative for the Digital Public Library of America. This amazing organization aggregates collections of freely available totally awesome collections from around the U.S. while advocating for freedom of information, open source, and creative commons licensing. They also offer opportunities to create apps for their collections - how cool is that? Currently they are also running a GIF contest! Create GIFs using the DPLA collection and submit them here!


Educating Rita by Willy Russell

Jane the Virgin - trailer

Writers and Company with Eleanor Wachtel

Digital Public Libraries of America

App Library

Schuyler Lindberg's DPLA Visual Search Prototype

GIF IT UP! Competition

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