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Hi! We're Alli Sullivan & Sam Mills. We met in a pub the night before our first day of library school, and since then we've been through a lot together - classes, presentations, jobs, weddings, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns - all the while finding ourselves engrossed in wide-ranging conversations about television, film, books, technology, and what it means to be a young, nerdy, lady librarian in the twenty-first century. This podcast is our attempt to share our conversation with you - we hope you enjoy listening, and we hope you'll jump in and join us by sending in a question, comment, or topic for us to discuss on the show!

Episode Twelve - "I would come back with a horrible Madonna style British accent."

This Week...

Mind Grapes: Sam may be abandoning Doctor Who again because of opinions, Alli is reading China Mieville's Un Lun Dun, and we both talk a little bit about the podcasts we love.

Where do we put this?: Sam went to a talk about the past, present, and future of the Oxford English Dictionary, launching us into a discussion on traditional reference sources. Do we still use them? Do students still use them? And what do professors mean when they tell new students not to use encyclopaedias?


China Mieville

The Night of the Doctor: A Mini Episode

The BookRiot Podcast

Nerdist Industries

My Brother My Brother and Me

Roderick on the Line

WTF with Marc Maron

Dr. Stephan Dollinger at UBC Faculty of English

Oxford English Dictionary Online

The Road to the OED: A History of English Language Dictionaries (UBC RBSC Exhibition)


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